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In need of a special friend…

Keller | Making Money Online | September 13, 2011

I’m looking for someone, who’s willing to offer a little more than anyone else.. I have a very small list at the moment (85 subs).. and I have no idea how responsive these people are, as I haven’t done any swapping yet..
So I want to bank up 20 or 30 clicks with someone, if they are willing to send 25 % to 50 % extra back..
I know this isn’t really a tempting offer, and that’s why I need a really special marketer with a big heart :)
-Daniel Keller

6 Responses to “In need of a special friend…”

  1. Have you tried That is what I use to build my list…I can send your offer to my list of 200 if you want for free? inbox me.

  2. Hello, I would be willing to do a trade off with you. I have no guarantee how many replies you will get, it will depend on your ad.

    But I will fire it into my Get response auto responder and see if I can’t get you a few more names on your list. These were double opt in leads generated over the last year, and I have over 600 on this list. Drop me a personal email with your solo and I’ll fire it off as soon as I get it.

  3. Hi There I would like to help you out. You can bank some clicks with me. Just send me your swipe and lets see how many clicks i can get for you

  4. Send me your swap. I am new here too

  5. nikhil2014 on May 28, 2014 @ 1:25 pm

    pl visit this link for free course .

  6. Hi, anyone to trade with me as well please. I have a list of 800+ and looking to grow my list. I would be happy to swap an ad with anyone. However, I cannot guarantee the amount of clicks you will get. If your ad is good I am pretty sure you will receive a descent amount clicks.

    Please get back to me and let’s help each other grow.

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