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list of 10 in making money online

create2go | Making Money Online | June 18, 2011

I have a list of 10 and looking for people with similar list so we can help build each others lists

List of 25 in make money online/blogging

  | Making Money Online | June 11, 2011

Hi all,

I have a list of 25 in the make money online niche. They got on my list through a freebie telling them how to create a profitable blog. It gets about 4-6 clicks per mailing, still testing time zones .. If you would like to swap clicks, ask!


400+ subscribers -> all interested to make money online

leekhinc | Making Money Online | May 29, 2011

I have over 400 subscribers all interested to make money online. If you have around the same list size or more as mine, please feel free to contact me.

Need Lists – have TONS of ADs….

newwavemobilemarketing | Making Money Online | May 18, 2011

I have TONS of ads, banners…you name it. However, I need emails. If you are interested in swapping email lists for ads that can make you money contact me. I will soon have free stuff to giveaway also. At this point I have 2 websites and am completing a blog. I also own a text message marketing business, am capable of mobilizing websites. Maybe we can exchange a service of me mobilizing your site in exchange for an email list? The website listed is one of my sites.

Internet Marketing Ad Swap

shortenterprise | Making Money Online | May 17, 2011

My name is Dennis Short and I am new to adswapping.  I am just starting out as I already mentioned and therefore I have a very small list to work with.  I have a subcriber list of 132 subscribers If anyone with a relatively small list would be interested in swapping ads with me please contact me via email.

Looking For Help And A Big Push

justin536 | Making Money Online | May 14, 2011

Currently have very minor list and i have have been web marketing for a month now and really struggling i was wondering if any one can do a big favour and push me in the right direction and use there list for me!

Interested in swapping email, Twitter or Facebook ads

wildangel | Making Money Online | May 14, 2011

Email list of 600 “Make money from home”, Twitter 2540 (average 20 clicks) and FB 296 (average 10 clicks) of friends and business associates. Have not yet swapped ads to my email list. I am just trying out swapping. The ‘average clicks’ are only from 4 different ad swaps to each Twitter and FB.

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